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Step 1 


You have finally decided to take the next step towards learning more about Locs and Natural Hair.  

There are many different learning styles so lets get started by identifying your goals (ie professional or self care), evaluating your current hair care skills, and scheduling your 1 on 1 class. 

Classes are between 4 - 6 hours (full day) and start as low as $500.

Click the link to schedule our Training Class Consultation. The consultation cost of $25 goes towards your total class fee. Consultations are only available on Mondays or Tuesdays between 9-10am and typically last for 20 minutes. 



" I believe in education. Its so easy to watch a video and set up shop but there is so much more to natural hair and tapping into your unique creativity.  I have chosen to specialize and educate on healthy hair.  Protect your clients with natural products , healthy hair techniques.  Invest in  yourself and  become an expert of your craft."

my motivation

Erika Bethea is a Natural Hair Stylist and Locitian located in Dallas, Texas since 2008.  She is the Owner of Honeylocs Natural Hair Care Salon and the Creator of Free To Swim Hair Care Products and Co-Author the "Behind Her Brand" Vol 2.   

As a stylist in Texas for 10 years Erika's mission is to assist her clients and educate industry professionals how to "Work What GOD Gave You!" 

You can find her servicing clients, conducting workshops and live demonstrations about natural hair and specifically Locs.  

Over the years the Natural Hair or Braiding Certificate offer by the State of Texas has been deregulated. Although this de-regulation can allow those interested in working in the beauty industry a quick inexpensive way to start a rewarding career she also believe that no structured training in healthly hair management and proper sanitation can cause a dis service to the clients she love's so much.  Issues like Traction Alopecia a condition caused when the hair is pulled to tight taking out the hair root and the bulb is the most common balding disorder among women with textured hair.  

Her passion for being part of a win/win solution has motivated her to secure her cosmetology license in spite of the Texas deregulation of natural chemical free hair care. Ultimately Erika would like to assist the State of Texas with creating a license that addresses the specific needs of the Natural Hair Industry without the unapplicable training required with traditional cosmetology. 

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