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A Hair Consultation Saved Me So Much Time.

When looking for a Hair Stylist it can be just as important as finding the right Doctor or Dentist. Our most precious commodity is our time and what we want from our stylist is a pleasant and respectful relationship.

Have you ever been to a hair appointment, walked in and realized it's not what you were expecting?

Taking the time to schedule a consultation with the salon can make all the difference in finding the venue that works for you.

At Honeylocs Natural Hair Care we make sure to offer virtual consultations for every new client.

The purpose of a natural hair consultation is to provide guidance and expertise to potential clients who want to take care of their natural hair.

During a natural hair consultation, a professional stylist will assess the current health and condition of the hair, discuss the client's hair goals, and provide recommendations for hair maintenance, products and styling.

The stylist may also discuss the client's hair type, evaluate the client's current hair products and techniques to make sure they are full of good ingredients that work best for their hair, as well as discuss potential challenges the client may face when growing and maintaining their natural hair.

The Consultation is the foundation of your relationship with your salon.

Erika Bethea

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