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Interlock vs Palm Rolling, Which should I choose?

This is one of the most important questions to address before starting your Loc Journey.

At Honeylocs Natural Hair Care we talk about the pro and cons of each method. The decision ultimately comes down to your lifestyle, budget and frequency for salon visits.

The main difference between palm rolling and interlocking locs is the technique used to create and maintain the locs.

Palm rolling involves rolling the hair between the palms of the hands to compact and encourage loc formation. It is a natural and hands-on approach and can be done regularly to maintain the locs' shape and texture and the look is smooth and cylinder like.

At Honeylocs our palm rolled clients make appointments every 4 weeks and the price for "maintenance" starts at $85.00

Interlocking, on the other hand, involves using a tool such as a crochet hook and inserting it through the lock to create a loop and pulling the hair through. This technique helps to tighten up loose hair and reinforce the loc structure, making it instantly durable. The look is more of a chain link type pattern initially and because of this clients can shampoo or get their hair wet without the loc coming unraveled at the root.

At Honeylocs our interlocked client make appointments ever 6 - 8 weeks depending on how quickly their hair grows. The starting price for interlocking is $95.

While both methods are useful in creating and maintaining locs and neither method should hurt, palm rolling is more suitable for those who may not like that secure feeling at the root ie...tender-headed and prefer a smooth cylinder look at the root. On the other hand, interlocking is beneficial for those who are very active and sweat or love to wet the hair more often either in the shower or participating in water sports.

Either way make sure to try Free To Swim's leave in conditioner and hair butter available at

Erika Bethea

CEO Honeylocs Natural Hair Care

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